New Play Area

6th May 2014

out door play logo

You, but especially your children, will be pleased to know that we’re having a new outdoor play area installed at the end of June. Our current play area is 25 years old and has served us well, but sadly it has needed more and more maintenance in recent years and the never ending rain we had this past winter finished it off!


We got together with Cathy from The Outdoor Play People to come up with the design and layout we wanted.  Cathy is the daughter of David Taylor of Taylor Made, who built and supplied our existing play area all those years ago! There have been many changes and advances in all that time, different types of materials are used and there are so many more choices of equipment and ways in which the children can climb and explore the play areas, but one thing remains the same, the aim for children to have lots of fun!

Play area newThere is a happy ending for the old play area too, we are going to move sections of it to the goat paddock for them to use as a climbing frame! Our combine harvester and Wendy house are going to have a spruce up with a lick of paint. We are aiming to get all this done within a two week window, weather permitting, so as to cause the least disruption to our guests.

If you’re coming to stay with us from July we’d love to hear your feedback, but more importantly what your kids think!

play area 2