Half Term Highlights

What a wonderful week we have all had.  It’s been action packed with fun activities and we’ve been blessed with typical mild Cornish Autumn weather!

Monday morning was a bit blustery, so the crowds gathered in the grain store to see and hear about the birds of prey.  Falconry has been a big hit with our guests this summer, so we shall be continuing the sessions for the future.

We hope that the adults and teenagers have enjoyed archery this week. We realise that we have lots of things to entertain little ones, but less so for bigger kids and grown ups. Tuesday morning was a bit wet, but we were able to shelter in the pet’s corner and shoot the arrows out of the door!  Luckily, everyones aim was pretty good, so no animals were caught in the line of fire!  On Wednesday we had a beautiful sunny morning and still conditions, perfect for our pond dipping group.  A great number of creatures were caught, but the edge of the pond was slippery and poor little Oliver had not just one, but two welly-ful’s of water!

The Farm Ride was packed as usual and all enjoyed the tour and talk from Andrew highlighting the recent harvest season.

On Thursday morning we were joined by lots of families in the woods for our Autumn Woodland Fun session.
We gathered seeds and planted them with the help of Kev, our gardener.  We are looking forward to the Spring to see how many will grow! Shaun lit the fire and Jaime baked some apples to eat.  Our main event was building bird boxes.  Shaun had already pre-cut the pieces of wood, then the children were able to use the template instructions to build their own bird boxes, which are very sturdy and look very quite professional too!  The kids were very proud of their constructions and are looking forward to taking them home and finding a good place to put them.  We hope that they all have residents in the Spring!  Of course, the session couldn’t end without the usual toasting of marshmallows, enjoyed by all!

Thursday evening saw our Halloween Party and BBQ.  Shaun cooked up monster fingers and brains, we mean sausages and burgers!  Everyone brought their carved pumpkins to be judged and they all looked amazing lined up together.  Games were played, food and drink enjoyed and sweets and chocolates consumed!  And if the children hadn’t had enough confectionary, they all went trick or treating around the cottages after the party!