Penpont Store

Penpont Store has an array of items that our guests might find useful during their holiday with us.


Generally everything is to borrow, with the exception of a handful of items which are to buy.  So, what’s in store?

Things to borrow include;

Beach stuff:  Nets, Wind Breaks, Body Boards, Buckets and Spades, Crabbing Lines.

Farm stuff:  Wellies, Waterproofs.

Pool stuff:  Floats, Arm Bands, Goggles.

Cottage stuff:  Kids Crockery and Cutlery, Toilet Step, Toilet Seat, Potty, Change Mat, Booster Seat, Baking Sets, Slow Cooker, Adapters and Chargers, Bike Pump.

Garden Games:  Footballs, Croquet, Tin Can Alley, Swing Ball, Quoits, Tennis Rackets and Balls.

If it’s raining:  Books, DVD’s, Puzzles, Toys.

For the Dogs:  Water/Food Bowls, Leads, Balls, Poo Bags.

Things to buy include;

Kids Hoodies and T-Shirts at £25 and £10.

Toilet Roll, Swim Nappies, Washing Powder Tablets, Charcoal, Matches and Fire Lighters.