What's in Store?

There's lots of things to borrow.

Kid's Hoodies.

A great momento from your holiday with us!

Farm Rangers!

Our new store is open!  Inside is an array of items that our guests might find useful during their holiday with us.

Generally everything is to borrow, with the exception of a handful of items which are to buy.  So, what’s in store?

Things to borrow include;

Beach stuff;  Nets, Wind Breaks, Body Boards, Buckets and Spades, Crabbing Lines.

Farm stuff;  Wellies, Waterproofs.

Pool stuff;  Floats, Arm Bands, Goggles.

Cottage stuff;  Kids Crockery and Cutlery, Toilet Step, Toilet Seat, Potty, Change Mat, Booster Seat, Baking Sets, Slow Cooker, Adapters and Chargers, Bike Pump.

Garden Games;  Footballs, Croquet, Tin Can Alley, Swing Ball, Quoits, Tennis Rackets and Balls.

If it’s raining;  Books, DVD’s, Puzzles, Toys.

For the Dogs;  Water/Food Bowls, Leads, Balls, Poo Bags.


Things to buy include;

Kids Hoodies and T-Shirts at £20 and £10.

Toilet Roll, Swim Nappies, Washing Powder Tablets.

Charcoal, Matches and Fire Lighters.