Exciting New Property: The Bug Hotel!

With our latest renovations proving so popular, we have built an amazing hotel with space for hundreds,  possibly even thousands of inhabitants and it has only taken us five weeks to construct!

We’ve invited our guests at The Olde House to help us to build a Bug Hotel during the recent summer holidays.  Each week a new layer was added, using old pallets and bricks, logs and scrap pieces of wood, old pipes, straw, wood chip, leaves and anything else that we could find in the woods, we have built a five storey hotel!

Creatures have been quick to move into the exclusive resort which boasts a cool and damp basement, ideal for toads and snails, drilled holes in old logs, perfect for solitary bees and beetles, and hundreds of nooks and crannies for spiders and other insects to shelter during the upcoming Autumn and Winter.

Our team of builders have been fantastic, none of them afraid to get their hands dirty, and quick to spot prospective tenants in the surrounding woodland!  Their hard work was rewarded with toasting marshmallows at the end of their shift!

Well done team, what shall we build next year?!