Farm ride

Have you ever ridden on a tractor and trailer?

During the spring & summer holidays, we offer our guests the opportunity every week to take an hour long ride around our 550 acres of land with Andrew at the helm.

Back in the old days, Wilf would drive the tractor and Andrew talked to the visitors. Since Wilf’s retirement, Andrew’s son Olly has taken over the driving, but Andrew is still talking! But who better to tell the story of the farm than Andrew, who was born here over 60 years ago and whose Granfer bought the farm 100 years ago in 1915.

For many years, a flat bed trailer was used for the ride, with straw bales set out in a line up the middle for everyone to sit on, but with changing times and new rules in health and safety, we now have a brand new trailer. With disabled access, a roof and proper seats, everyone can enjoy the farm ride come rain or shine. Enjoy the fresh air, views over the land adjoining the Camel Estuary, and listen to the commentary before heading back home to your cosy cottage.

Kids love the tractor ride and it’s a great way for them to experience farm life.