Owen with the four lams

Lambing is a special time on the farm. Twice a year, our guests delight in visiting the lambing shed to witness the birth of the lambs and to help us to bottle feed the little ones who need extra care.

We have a flock of 750 sheep at The Olde House, the first 300 give birth to their lambs in November and December, with the remaining giving birth in February and March.

Once the process has begun, there is a steady stream of lambs being born both day and night. They are regularly monitored and cared for to check that everything is running as it should.

The sheep are brought into a large lambing shed during these periods. This keeps them out of the chilly winter weather and allows the newborn lambs to get strong and find their feet before being let out into the fields.

After a few days of being in the lambing shed, the ewes and their newborns are moved out to the fields. They are checked in the morning and evening to make sure the lambs are growing as they should be.

We invite our guests to visit the lambing shed to witness the birth first-hand. We’re also always looking for helping hands in Pets’ Corner to feed the little ones that haven’t taken to their mothers properly.

In 2011, we had a set of quad lambs born for the first time in 20 years. Here is Owen Hawkey with the lambs, who made national news with their rare birth.