The Farm is a mixture of grassland, arable, wetlands, ponds and small woodlands which supports a very diverse range of birdlife along with foxes, badgers, hares, rabbits and many other wild animals.

We operate an old fashioned mixed farm that raises 200/250 beef cattle, 750 Dorset ewes utilising 300 acres of permanent and temporary grass and 250 acres of arable crops.

Our 700 polled Dorset ewes are lambed before Christmas from November to December and then again with the ewe lambs from March to April. All our lambs are either kept for breeding or go to market. Our beef cattle are purchased through the spring and summer and finished through the winter on mostly our own homegrown crimped cereals.

On the arable side the farm grows 250 acres of wheat, barley and oats which are used to feed the animals here on the farm with any surplus sold at the end of winter.  We also rent out around 50 acres of potatoes or maize as a break crop.